Injured New York City Construction Worker Awarded $62 Million.

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Zeng Guang Lin, only twenty-six years old, is a Chinese immigrant to America. In 2008, Mr. Lin was working on a job in the Bronx, New York for Hutch Realty Partners LLC. He was on a roof of a building when he fell twenty feet. Mr. Lin’s employers allegedly did not give him the proper safety devices for attending to construction work on a roof.

Lin’s lawsuit was filed in the Queens County, New York Supreme Court. The jury awarded Mr. Lin $20 million for past pain and suffering, $42 million for future pain and suffering, and $60,086.27 for past medical expenses. This amount totals over $62 million and is the largest award amount in New York state history for a single person to receive. In fact, this amount is $8 million more than the plaintiff asked for. He was represented by attorney Benedict Morelli.

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