Worker Pinned By Fallen Concrete At Meriden Construction Site.

49-year-old Jonathan Hull, of Meriden, Connecticut, is fighting for his life at Hartford Hospital this week after a construction site accident left him pinned from the waist up against a truck, causing him to go into cardiac arrest.

Hull was working at a Research Parkway construction site Wednesday afternoon when a concrete retaining wall collapsed. Workers say they were installing curbing on the building, which somehow caused the wall to become unstable. According to police spokesman Lt. Sal Nasci, Hull was pinned between a truck and fallen concrete slabs. He also stated that emergency crews were called to the scene at approximately 3:11 p.m. that day and found about 10 other concrete slabs on the ground next to Hull who was trapped from the waist up. Other construction site employees assisted police in freeing Hull from his restraints. He was rushed in an ambulance to MidState Medical Center and was later transported via LifeStar helicopter to Hartford Hospital. Hull is still in critical condition. Work at the combination car wash and pet wash continued after Hull had been removed from the scene. Since the accident, police and OSHA officials have been on site to investigate the tragic event.

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