Construction Workers Have A Highly Dangerous Job: 10 Most Common Accidents.

Construction workers have a highly dangerous job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just last year, there were 774 deaths due to an accident at a construction site, accounting for more than 18% of all on-the-job fatalities that year. Additionally, statistics show that four in every 100 construction workers are injured on the job annually in non-fatal workplace accidents.

The most common construction site accidents include Falls from high heights or scaffolding because construction workers are often required to work at very high heights, on scaffolding and ladders, in windows and on roofs. In addition, Slips and falls are quite common. They can occur from stray tools and materials to uneven ground or holes. Indeed, there are many hazards on a construction site that could lead to a dangerous slip, trip or fall.

Electrocutions also are too frequent due to the fact that construction sites are a work in progress; as a result, there is often exposed wiring, power lines, and unfinished electrical systems around. Coming in contact with these could lead to electrocution or shock. Falling debris, materials or objects, on projects with multiple levels causes many injuries becaseu it is common for falling tools, building materials or beams to strike workers below.

Getting caught in-between objects or materials also caused many construction site injuries. This is because construction sites are filled with heavy machinery, tools, and materials. Often, workers find themselves stuck in between immovable objects, machinery or fallen debris. Fires and explosions are also frequent because of unfinished piping, leaking gases and incomplete electrical systems.

Overexertion can result in injury, given the hours of hard labor involved, often in extremely hot or humid conditions, that can cause workers to fall victim to heat stroke. Machinery accidents frequently occur because construction workers use a lot of heavy machinery in their work. From cranes and bulldozers to jackhammers and nail guns, an error or accident with these tools can be very dangerous.

Getting hit by a vehicle is another common cause of accidents because construction sites are often located near or adjacent to roads or highways. At times, drivers can be distracted by their work; and if a driver is not looking or it is dark out, it is possible for a worker to get hit by a passing vehicle or truck. Trenches are often a necessity on construction sites resulting sometimes in Trench Collapses. If a trench collapses while a worker is inside, it can cause them to be hit with tools, machinery, or materials or bury them in the surrounding dirt.

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