Apprentice Ironworker Receives Over $2 Million For Personal Injuries After Falling On Jobsite.

An apprentice Ironworker, who was cutting decking near a ledge before he slipped and fell 18 feet resulting in serious injuries, received a $2,130,000.00 settlement after his case was mediated.

The apprentice ironworker was not using any fall protection at the time the accident occurred. Despite the general contractor’s claim that the area in which he was working was a Controlled Decking Zone, which does not require the use of fall protection, the contractor allegedly did not comply with OSHA standards in order to properly designate the area as a Controlled Decking Zone.  The ironworker filed a lawsuit against the general contractor, and the subcontractor for whom he was working, alleging a failure to properly supervise and inspect the work on the project, failure to properly coordinate the work, and a failure to provide a safe workplace.  The fall left the apprentice ironworker with severe personal injuries and hospital bills totaling over $150,000.00.  The defendants in the case claimed that the apprentice ironworker may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but the plaintiff had witnesses prepared to testify that he was not impaired at the time the accident occurred.

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