Construction Site Mishap Results in Multi-Car Accident in Upstate New York.

According to accident reports out of Cheektowaga, New York, a telephone line conduit that fell onto the Kensington Expressway resulted in a multi-car auto accident on the night of Tuesday April 16.

Susan Surdej, spokeswoman for the New York Department of Transportation (“NYDOT”), said that the construction site accident occurred at just after 8 p.m. Tuesday during a deck replacement project on the East Delavan Avenue bridge crossing the Kensington Expressway.

Surdej said that a conduit attached to the bride became dislodged and fell onto the expressway below. The conduit, which housed telephone lines, resulted in a multi-car collision. Surdej said an investigation is underway to determine the number of motor vehicles involved.

Though many vehicles were involved in the auto crash, Surdej indicated that, miraculously, no personal injuries were reported.

The construction project is underway to replace four bridges that cross over the expressway, and the work was estimated to last through the fall. There is no word on how much this car accident will set back the timetable of construction.

Surdej assured the public that the NYDOT is investigating the circumstances surrounding the construction site accident and the resulting multi-car motor vehicle accident.

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