Crane Accident In Harlem Leads To Criminal Charges For Two Construction Managers.

Generally, when we talk about accidents, or unintentional acts that result in an injury of some sort, we are in the realm of tort law, which seeks to compensate the injured party for any losses they have experienced as a result of the accident if negligence can be shown. Tort law litigation also generally occurs between private actors, meaning the government does not get involved in such suits. However, sometimes an accident can be so egregious, and the result of such a high level of negligence, that those responsible can be held criminally liable, which requires a state or federal entity to bring charges.

Such is the case in Harlem, where two construction site managers are facing criminal charges after a crane operating under their supervision tumbled down into the street. The crane was lifting glass wall panel when its 14 foot long jib dipped, followed by the entire crane. The accident left two iron workers with disabling injuries, and although likely unintentional, the accident was so egregious as to be considered to deserve criminal charges. Officers described a series of factors that led to the accident, including the fact that the worker operating the crane was untrained, the crane wasn’t tethered down, and the crane’s load exceeded its maximum capacity.

The criminal charges allege that the workers knowingly skirted safety protocols set by the Department of Buildings, and that such a blatant disregard for safety standards was a direct cause of the workers’ injuries. The defendants have since pleaded not guilty, and their lawyer has not been identified at this time.

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