Malfunctioning Jack Causes Fatal Work Accident at Parking Garage Construction Site.

Investigators of a tragic construction site accident that claimed the life of one person and caused severe injuries to another in Bethesda, Maryland have concluded that a malfunctioning  jack assembly caused the job site accident.

The construction site accident, which took place on May 23, 2013, occurred when the concrete slab of a parking garage fell onto and crushed two workers.  According to an incident report by investigators, the scaffold legs of the jack assembly, which was being used to support a portion of a parking garage during construction, were not used properly. This caused the assembly to collapse and a portion of the parking garage to fall onto the workers. One of the injured workers, 57 year-old Carroll Wills, died from the personal injuries that he sustained in the construction site accident.

The jack was inserted when a safety tower at the garage began to twist and fail, but the assembly was extended too far and not braced properly. This caused it to fail and for the portion of the concrete parking garage to collapse.

It was not immediately or subsequently clear who was at fault for misusing the jack.

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