Man Crushed by Big Rig at Middle School Construction Site.

Vice president of operations for the Robert A. Bothman Construction company, Brian Botham, claims that, despite recent events, the construction company has had a stellar track record with regards to injuries and fatalities at its work sites. “That’s one of the reasons we get a lot of the work that we get,” Botham said. “We’ve never had anything remotely like this, nothing.” In his comments, Botham is referring to a tragic wrongful death construction site accident that has tainted the well-known company’s name and caused the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) personnel to investigate the business.

A 62 year-old construction worker from Livermore, California was killed at around 12:45 on Tuesday when he was run over by one of the construction big rigs at one of the company’s sites at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School track. The freak job site accident occurred when the employee was working on blacktop with his back to the vehicle. The truck was heading down a hill towards him and “it is possible there was a problem with the truck’s breaks,” as the vehicle could not be stopped in time to avoid the accident. “People were yelling at him,” said Berkeley Unified School District spokesman Mark Coplan, “but he couldn’t hear them.”

The work accident occurred on the driveway that links the track to the school’s gym. According to reports, some parents and children witnessed the terrible incident, as several families were on a tour of the school’s gardens, which are on a hill that overlooks the gym and track fields. They said they heard construction workers yelling for someone to “watch out”. The touring families were attending the school’s “Welcome Fair” which was being held that same day. Several families were “unfortunately, very much aware of what happened,” said Coplan.

The body of the construction worker was removed from school grounds by 2:10 p.m. that day. OSHA agents were on site by 3 o’clock to begin the investigation. A spokesperson for OSHA reported that, according to federal databases, Botham construction has had no violations within the past five years. Several mental health therapists also arrived at the school that day from Berkeley to consult the man’s co-workers as well as families at the school.

Construction at the school had been going on all summer with the goal of creating an all-weather track for athletic activities. The process required replacing irrigation and grass on the field.

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