More British Construction Workers Dead This Decade Than Soldiers.

Over the past decade, more construction workers have died in Britain than even soldiers fighting overseas, making construction a far more dangerous career than many have bargained for. The cause, according to European reporters, is Britain’s distain for union workers, disregard for safety and willingness to pick up and drop companies as the changing economy permits.

More than 90% of construction workers in Britain are without union representation. Although unions can raise issues of health and safety, employers do not want union workers on their property. In one of the most recent examples of how union disdain can lead to death, 31-year-old Richard Laco was killed last November when he was struck with falling concrete and steel during work on The Francis Crick Institute. Laco worked for Laing O’Rourke subcontractor where he worked without union representation. Weeks before his death, Unite union officials visited Laing O’Rourke to discuss redundancy negotiations with workers. They were told that they were not welcome, exemplifying the industry fear of union representation.

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