New York Construction Site Worker Obtains $440,000 Settlement After Suffering Back Injuries at Mall Worksite.

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Under the law, many different relationships exist that require a duty of care owed to one or both of the two separate parties. The employer-employee relationship is one of these types of relationships.  Employers are required by law to take every reasonable precaution to ensure that their workers are kept safe on the job.  When their duty to protect their employees is breached, and an employee is injured or killed on the job, employers may be held liable for any physical, emotional or financial damages inflicted on account of their negligence.

In a recent case, a New York man settled a lawsuit with his former employer for $440,000.  The man had been working on a mall construction site in Long Island, New York when he fell into a two-foot-deep hole and severely injured his back.  The incident occurred when the man was attempting to dispose of an old pipe in a trash can in a dimly-lit area of the site.

According to the complaint filed in court, the hole was left uncovered, and the light nearest to the area was roughly 150 feet away.  New York regulations stipulate that the lights in these kinds of construction sites must be no further than ten feet apart.

The plaintiff’s attorney argued that, not only did the poor lighting in the building create a hazardous work environment, but also that the hole should have been covered up.  The hole should have been covered in accordance with New York industrial code regulations, which require all potentially hazardous openings to be covered to prevent any accidental work injury.

Despite the unusual circumstances in which these types of construction site accidents take place, the after-effects can be severe, and sometimes life-altering.  Physical injuries often require steep medical expenses and treatment.  They also can force injured workers to lose profits from lack of steady work.  Perhaps the most difficult burden is placed on the families of victims.  Coping with the emotional trauma of these accidents can often be the most trying aspect.

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