NYC Construction Worker Crushed Beneath Crane In Freak Accident.

Construction sites are fraught with hazards. Workers are constantly surrounded by drills and other heavy machinery. They work with chemicals, and they work from unthinkable heights atop buildings. More than one thousand American workers die in construction accidents each year. Many more suffer severe personal injuries, including burns, severed limbs, internal injuries and broken bones.

Forty-year-old Trevor Loftus worked as the crane safety coordinator for the Kenry Contracting company in Yonkers, New York. In a devastating twist of events, Loftus was killed by a crane after hydraulics malfunctions caused the crane to collapse, crushing the husband and father of two. The construction site accident occurred just before noon on Friday, April 24th, on E. 44th Street in Manhattan. Loftus had been checking a mechanical malfunction when a hydraulics malfunction caused him to be wedged tightly between the crane and his flatbed truck. He was crushed under the pressure.

Workers and witnesses rushed to the scene, but the crane was too heavy to save him. Firefighters used jacks to lift the crane off Loftus, but sadly it was too late. Loftus was pronounced deal at the scene. According to the New York Daily News, the crane at the center of this accident was a small crane, known as a “knuckle boom.” Although the city inspects all large cranes, there is no such inspection procedure for smaller cranes.

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