Personal Injury Accident At $11.7 Billion Bridge Project In Hong Kong Kills One Worker And Injures 14 Others.

A number of Hong Kong workers were hurt after a platform on which they were working collapsed. The platform collapsed on an artificial island created for the construction site project.

The 72.9 billion yuan ($11.7 billion) bridge project is supposed to add more physical links between Hong Kong, mainland China and Macau, a popular tourist destination and the only place in China where casinos are legal. China Communications Construction Co. (CCC) is listed as the construction site contractor responsible for the artificial island on which the fatal job site injury accident took place.

CCC has released a statement acknowledging that the personal injury accident occurred on its island and that construction has been halted pending a full investigation. The statement also indicates that CCC will fully cooperate with Hong Kong and Chinese investigators with respect to the construction site accident investigation.

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