Three North Carolina Families File Lawsuit After Construction Workers Fall Nine Stories to Their Deaths.

There are a staggering number of potential hazards at construction sites that can, and do, cause severe injuries and even wrongful death to construction workers.  Construction work has recently been cited in federal government reports as one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States.  In fact, over one thousand American workers die in construction accidents every year, while thousands suffer serious injuries.  Even more frighteningly, these numbers continue to rise annually.  In the event of a construction site accident, the service of an expert Boston construction site accident attorney is likely necessary.

On March 23, 2015, Anderson Almeida, Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez and Jose Eraso Claros Hernandez were working on a skyscraper in Raleigh, North Carolina.  They were working to dismantle a mast chamber on an 11-story building.  However, the scaffolding became unstable and the exterior lift system collapsed, causing the men to fall nine stories to their deaths.

According to, the families of the three men killed have filed a lawsuit against Associate Scaffolding, Choate Construction and Kilmer Platforms.  The lawsuit alleges that Associate Scaffolding was negligent because the scaffolding had 4,227 pounds on it when the maximum weight should have been only 2,500 pounds.  Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Choate Construction was negligent as the general contractor because the company pushed Associated Scaffolding to complete the dismantling of the scaffold within a day, something that the company should have known was too rushed to be completed safely.

The suit also alleges that Kilmer Platforms was responsible for the accident because the company had the duty to provide clear and consistent instructions and warnings, including warning of safety hazards and other concerns.  However, the families allege that Kilmer failed to provide instructions on how to safely use their products.  Former presidential candidate John Edwards, David Kirby and William Bystrynski are representing the families in this lawsuit.

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