Two Iron Workers Recovering From Injuries After New Building For Facebook Collapses During Construction.

Recently, construction work has been cited by the federal government as one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. It is estimated that over 1,000 American workers die each year in construction site accidents, while thousands more suffer devastating injuries. What makes theses statistics even more worrisome is that these numbers continue to rise annually. Filing a personal injury suit against an employer or a third party may be the last thing on a worker’s mind after an accident, but it is often the only way for a victim to recover from the economic and emotional devastation arising from their injuries.

Two iron workers are recovering in a hospital after a terrifying accident at a Facebook construction site in Menlo Park, California. Inspectors are reporting that a beam suffered what’s being called a “catastrophic failure.” Other workers at the site said the two injured men were working 40-feet high on Facebook’s new Building 21 late in the afternoon. They were putting together a beam for the steel framing when that beam dropped about 20 feet, catching on to other parts of the construction and throwing them towards the ground.

Firefighters say their safety harnesses and rigging stopped their fall just before they hit the ground. Both men, one in his late 20’s and the other in his early 30’s, were taken to the hospital with puncture wounds and pain in their lower bodies. The fire chief says it was miraculous they survived. California OSHA has started its investigation and says there were no previous incidents at this site. They have up to six months to decide if they want to issue a citation for this incident.

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