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All Massachusetts workers are entitled to a safe working environment, even at Massachusetts construction sites.

A fall from an unstable scaffold occurs. An explosion from improperly stored chemicals results in serious injuries to a Massachusetts worker. A Massachusetts employee sustains a severed limb from malfunctioning machinery. These are all terrifying events that no friend or family member should have to endure. Yet for individuals close to Massachusetts construction workers, these hypothetical incidents are often frightening realities. In only a second, a life can be changed, or lost, forever.

There are a staggering number of potential hazards at Massachusetts construction sites that can, and do, cause severe injuries and even Massachusetts wrongful death to Massachusetts construction workers. Construction work has recently been cited in federal government reports as one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. In fact, over one thousand American workers die in construction accidents every year, while thousands more suffer devastating injuries. Even more frighteningly, these numbers continue to rise annually.

Sadly, such Massachusetts construction-related injuries and Massachusetts construction-related fatalities are often preventable. While aspects of Massachusetts construction work are inherently dangerous, negligence with regard to safety protocol is a major contributor to many types of Massachusetts construction accidents. In jobs that involve serious risks, Massachusetts employees and Massachusetts employers should take extra care to ensure one another’s safety. Unfortunately, as we have heard from many injured Massachusetts clients, this is not always the case. Massachusetts construction workers and Massachusetts subcontractors, who show a disregard for safety, put not only themselves, but also their co-workers and anyone who visits the Massachusetts construction site, in danger.

Accidents at Massachusetts construction sites bring devastation and heartbreak to the Massachusetts accident victims and their loved ones. Massachusetts construction accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, including:

Massachusetts construction accident injuries frequently lead to temporary or even permanent disability for Massachusetts residents. Many Massachusetts construction accident injuries require emergency room treatment, multiple surgeries and medications, and long-term physical therapy and rehabilitation. Severe Massachusetts construction site injuries may prevent victims from being able to live independently or to continue working at all. In these cases, especially when the injured Massachusetts construction worker was the primary bread-winner, families may experience financial instability or ruin. Victims of Massachusetts construction site accidents and their families should not have to suffer financially on top of their emotional and physical pain that was caused by another person or entity’s carelessness or mistake. Massachusetts law recognizes the difficulties that Massachusetts work site accident victims face, and provides legal protections that hold negligent parties liable for the injuries and other damages that they have caused.

Our Massachusetts Construction Site Accident Lawyer Specialists Are Available 24/7. Call Our Boston, MA Job Site Injury Attorney Experts at 617-787-3700.

If you, your friend or family member was injured or killed in a Massachusetts jobsite accident, you deserve answers. You have the right to know exactly what happened and who was responsible for your loved one’s injury. You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering that you and your family have experienced as a result of another person’s negligence. You know that you have rights, but in the confusion following a construction accident, you may not realize that you have a Massachusetts personal injury claim. Filing a Massachusetts personal injury claim or lawsuit may not be the first thing on your mind, yet it can be one of the most important things that you do after a Massachusetts work site accident to make sure that your and your family’s rights and financial security are protected.

The Massachusetts construction accident injury attorneys and Massachusetts job site personal injury lawyers at the Boston, Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates are dedicated to helping Massachusetts construction workers hurt in Massachusetts construction accidents. Our Massachusetts work site injury attorneys understand the complexities of Massachusetts law regarding Massachusetts workers’ compensation and Massachusetts personal injury claims. Our Boston, MA construction accident injury lawyers are committed to holding negligent parties responsible for their careless actions to get our clients the maximum compensation from all available sources. If you were injured in a Massachusetts construction accident, call our Massachusetts construction accident injury lawyers today at 617-787-3700 or email us at We will make sure that you have the money you need to receive the best treatment possible for your injuries while maintaining your family’s financial stability.

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